Steph AuteriHey there – I’m Steph Auteri, a full-time word nerd. I spend my days with my three cats, working out of my home office as a writer, editor, and career coach to other publishing professionals.

I love what I do, but life as a freelancer can be isolating. That’s why I love the word nerd community I’ve built up around myself. My fellow word nerds provide me with:

  • support
  • advice
  • generosity
  • accountability
  • opportunities for collaboration
  • and much, much more.

WordNerdNetworking.com was created as a means of providing word nerds with the benefits of community in a virtual space.

At the moment, this site offers tips on community-building, and news on forthcoming, in-person events.

But later this summer, this space will also act as a home base for a members-only, word nerd community, and will feature goodies like an office porn pin board, a resource library, and an interactive wall facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas.

Most importantly of all, it will feature a matchmaking service for those seeking out coworking partners, writing partners, and accountability buddies.

For now, however, peruse the content on networking and community-building, and check out the events calendar.

And don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list in order to receive event announcements and news of some pretty darn exciting site updates.

Ciao for now!