How to Find a Writing Partner Who Will Make You Rich

This image is 100% about partners, and 0% about the huge crush I used to have on Burt Ward.

In 2011, I wrote a blog post that called for a “writing partner who can kick my lazy, procrastinating writer’s ass.”

Now I have a writing partner I love.

Shortly after securing this partner, I also left behind a low-paying permalance gig that had me feeling stuck. Soon enough, I was well on my way to making more money than I’d made previously, and feeling more productive and successful than ever before.

Coincidence? I think not.

There are numerous benefits to having a writing partner. Here are my top five: [Read more…]

It Helps To Have a Writing Partner Who Can Kick Your Writing Ass

In February 2011, I ran the following ad on Freelancedom:

Wanted: A writing partner who can kick my lazy, procrastinating writer’s ass. Must: Thrive on deadlines, and be willing to offer up honest and constructive criticism, while still being mindful of my multitudinous neuroses, my overwrought sensitivity, and my blind, codependent love affair with my own words. Should enjoy: Caffeine addiction, cats, serial commas, fuzzy pants, Slankets, and dance breaks. Must have a zero-tolerance policy for: Auto DMs, Foursquare, and checking one’s smartphone while in the company of others.

Interested? For the love of god, pleaseĀ e-mail me. Like, right now.

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